Buy List

Welcome to the FABARMORY.COM Buy List.

This is the perfect place to trade in those cards you do not need for the cards that you do to help finish your decks and collections.

If there are any cards on the Buy List that you would like to sell/trade for cash/store credit please send an email with the cards and quantity to Please see below for details on how to do this.

Click here for a PDF of our Buylist

You can also view our buylist below, on this page.


Rules of the Buy List

1. All prices on the buylist are of cash value. Store credit trade in gains you an additional 20% of the cash value advertised!

2. Create a list of cards from our Buy List that you would like to sell/trade in to us for cash and/or store credit. Please be clear on which you are selecting. 

3. Please construct your list in a clear and concise way so that it is easy for us to understand. Make sure to let us know if you prefer cash or store credit.


2 Enlightened Strike, Majestic, $60.00
1 Snapdragon Scalers, Cold Foil, $3.00
1 Pursuit of Knowledge, Super, Rainbow Foil, $5.00
3 Pursuit of Knowledge, Super, $3.00

4. Email your Buy List to

5. Wait for a reply from a staff member confirming your Buy List. This should be within 24 hours of submission. Once the Buy List is confirmed, we will send an address and further instruction where and how to send the Buy List cards. DO NOT send us your Buy List before we have confirmed and accepted it.


Recommendations for sending cards to us

When sending in your Buy List order, please make sure that the cards are in NM condition. Cards that are not in NM condition will be reduced by 25% or declined and sent back to you at your expense or with your next order.
When we receive the Buy List order we will confirm the condition of the cards. Proper packing and double checking card condition before sending will help avoid any of these issues.

DO NOT send your Buy List order cards loose in an envelope. This risks damage. Please take care with packaging, using toploaders, and/or thick cardboard and sleeves as protection.

Use a tracked method of shipment. We will notify you as soon as a package has been received, however, if a package is not tracked and gets lost in the mail it is not our responsibility. We advise using a tracked service.

Make sure the there is an indicator of your name, or order number with the Buy List order so it is easy for us to verify where and who the Buy List has come from.

Once a Buy List order has been confirmed, you have 10 business days to get the order to us. If it arrives after this time we may decline the order and send it back to you at your expense, or with your next order. 

If you have any questions regarding our Buy List please do not hesitate to email us at



*We also buy foil cards(all rarities), Super Rare and Majestic Rare cards that are not on the buylist. Please email direct so we can give a quote.